Scientific glassware

H.S. Martin produces standard and customized glass components for laboratory and pilot plant. We are specialists in calculating and designing oldershaw columns to suit your process and are market leaders in glass silvering processes and high efficiency vacuum jacketed glassware.

Whether you require glass components, repairs, or systems, contact us and we will support you.

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Laboratory flasks in sizes ranging from 500 ml to 12 L. Various flask neck configuration options are also available.


We produce many types of distillation columns, including perforated plate, Vigreux, and columns for use with packing. Columns are available jacketed and unjacketed with integral packing supports.


Many types of condensers are available, including Allihn, dewar type, Friedrichs, reflux coiled, and high speed. A wide variety of connection configurations are also available.


Many packing types are available, including ceramic saddle, Rasching rings, protruded metal and structured. We also have a full line of packing supports and interdistributors.


We offer a wide variety of types and styles of adapters. From joints to process ends to hose barbs; glass to stainless steel. We can provide almost any angle or combination of adaptor that may be required.

Distilling heads

Distilling heads are available in a variety types and sizes, including, variable reflux, variable reflux with cold finger, and liquid dividing. Various connection types are also available.

Distilling receivers

We provide a wide variety of distillation receivers. Available for both atmospheric and vacuum applications and with many size and connection options available.

Silvered glass

We can evacuate and silver many components, including columns, condensers, and distilling heads. Silvering provides superior insulating properties over insulating blankets, which can be ill-fitting and degrade over time. It can be applied solid or with viewing strips to allow interior observation of the component.

ASTM methods

Components and complete systems for several ASTM test methods, including, D2892, D5236, & D1160. Find out more

For every need

Our scientific & laboratory glassware covers many requirements. From the boiling flask to the product receiver & everything in between.

Quality construction

Made from the highest quality materials, such as 33 expansion borosilicate glass, PTFE, 316 grade stainless steel, & more. We also accept specific material requests.

We're here to help

We are experts in customization. If you don't find what you're looking for, or have any questions at all, just get in touch.

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